Monday, February 18, 2008

Isosceles: Pig in the City

Isosceles the Pig

The only porkers I expect to meet at Penn Station are drunken hockey fans, so imagine my surprise when I saw an actual swine in the New Jersey Transit waiting room on Sunday. I wish I'd been able to get better photo of Isosceles, but he wouldn't stand still. He was too busy pushing his little soccer ball around with his snout and basking in all the attention he was getting from adults and kids alike. (His little tail was wagging a mile a minute.)

I was able to find out from his owners is that he lives in Connecticut, that pigs are very clean animals, and I don't think he'll Easter dinner any time soon. What was really nice was that nobody complained that they were allergic, that the pig wasn't in a carrier or that it was abuse to have one on a leash. Kids coming from some Sesame Street show at the Garden and Rangers fans heading home from the game were equally enchanted and amused.

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