Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Destination: Onward and Upward

Last night the weather in New York was frightful, but it was plenty warm inside Chelsea Studios, where my pal Adam Mathias presented a reading of his Jerry Bock award-winning — and as we learned last night, Richard Rodgers award-wnning — musical, co-written with Brad Alexander, See Rock City and Other Destinations.

Past winners of the Rodgers award include Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose musical In the Heights is about to hit Broadway, and Scott Frankel and Michael Korie of Grey Gardens fame, and I have no doubt Adam and Brad's fortunes will be just as bright. Adam has a big heart, and it really came through in his characters. (As someone who proofread their application form, I'd like to think that I played at least a small role in them getting the award, although I highly doubt the award committee cared much about commas or whether two consecutive sentences started with the same word.)

An informed source tells me that representatives from a major regional theater were there and are considering it for production. Here's hoping. It's just swell when nice and talented friends find success.

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