Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Killer Tomatoes & a Killer Reunion

I nearly broke out laughing in the deli yesterday when I saw this headline, before I realized how serious the situation could turn out to be.

I've actually never seen that legendarily awful '70s horror flick. (Somehow the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys never got around to riffing that one.) But I eagerly anticipate the planned remake.

And speaking from Mystery Science Theater, I was sorry to see that the web site for MST3K spin-off The Film Crew is down, which I guess means no more DVDs from them. On the plus side, the original MST3K gang has a second DVD under its Cinematic Titanic moniker coming out this month.

And, perhaps most delicious, there's an MST3K reunion scheduled for San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Is it really as historic as I think it is? Isn't this the first time Joel and Mike have appeared together post-MST3K?

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Anonymous said...

the origianl AOTKT was awesome
it's 3 sequels sucked royally
had no idea there was a remake planned