Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eloping in Newport

Postcard from the altar.

I'd always wondered why people go to flea markets and antique stores to purchase other people's old postcards and photographs. Then, during a Memorial Day weekend in the country with friends, we took a trip to Millerton, N.Y., where I stumbled upon this gem at an antique market.

It says, "Hello Girls, I eloped Sat. nite and am on my honeymoon. Having a swell time. Are you surprised? So am I. Harold"

For only $1, how could I not pick it up? This is the sort of thing that could spark a writer's imagination and inspire a book or play. Exactly who were Ella and Grace Anthony, and what was Harold's relationship to them? The Newport address makes me wonder if they come from old money? This is something I will probably spend way too much time pondering?

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Adam M. said...

OMG, Di. I've totally been to the Bridge of Flowers in Shelbourne Falls, MA! It still looks very much like that.

The message on the back, meanwhile, reminds me very much of the book Theophilus North by Thornton Wilder. It's set in Newport and involves such misadventures as surprise elopements.