Thursday, May 8, 2008

Eyes Sore

Martin Sola and Terumi Matthews in All Eyes and Ears.

One of the more interesting aspects about Rogelio Martinez's All Eyes and Ears, set in 1961 Cuba, is the way the Castro government seemingly empowered women as equals while at the same time dumping the lion's share of the family workload on them. I wished I'd enjoyed this INTAR production more.

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Anonymous said...

few bloggers have the intellectual capacity to review. few reviewers understand that the longevity of a show (from production to publication) rides on their ability to hear the play, let alone understand it. unfortunately in the internet age, every computer owner with web space fancies herself a journalist. i am a journalist; i write reviews. and i get paid to write them. yours is the poorest example of one (save contributions from customers) that i've yet to read. i hope you didn't have to pay for your ticket, as you are publicly reviewing the show by posting it online. if you did, then your opinion carries about as much weight as my grandma's. next time, keep your underwritten musings to a diary no one has to run into while they're browsing the web.