Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kingston Plays the Queen

Branagh and Kingston in Macbeth.
One advantage to doing an interview via Skype is that I was so worried about technology possibly failing me that I didn't have time to be nervous about what I was going to ask Alex Kingston about playing Lady Macbeth, working opposite Sir Kenneth Branagh or a potential future on Doctor Who.

As you can see, it went well. Perhaps because I rather surprised her at the beginning of the interview when she told me the company had been rehearsing at Alexandra Palace in London, and I said, "Oh, you're in Crouch End." She seemed rather impressed that an American had heard of both those places. They're not in too many London guidebooks, certainly, and had I been conducting this interview a year earlier, I would have been clueless. But I had the pleasure of staying with friends in Crouch End during my visit to London in January, and took a walk up to Ally Pally.

Alexandra Palace in London, where rehearsals took place.

Looking forward to experiencing Macbeth tonight.