Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birmingham on My Mind

The Birmingham Stage Company's Skellig at the New Victory Theater.

It intrigues me when different parts of my life come together around a certain thing or theme. As I was making my way through Catherine O'Flynn's beautifully haunting second novel, The News Where You Are, I was assigned to review the stage version of David Almond's award-winning, and equally beautifully haunting, children's novel Skellig at the New Victory Theater.

The common denominator is Birmingham, England. O'Flynn's novel is set there, and Almond's play was presented by the Birmingham Stage Company. Not sure if this means I'm due for a trip to the Midlands (I haven't even been to Birmingham, Alabama, although I have a friend from college who lives down there now.)

You can see my Skellig review on the Time Out New York website. News Where You Are I read purely for pleasure and enjoyed as much as I did her first novel, What Was Lost. O'Flynn writes incisively and poetically about people with solitary lives and the space they occupy in the world. Almond focuses on children finding their place in the world; O'Flynn on elderly people dealing with theirs.