Friday, February 25, 2011

A Trove of Treasure Tickets

Noah E. Galvin and Tom Hewitt in Treasure Island.

A friend sucked me into the guilty pleasure of Living Social. Like Groupon, it's a website that offers daily group discounts on everything from exercise classes to dry cleaning.

Over the last few months I've purchased quite a few things (gotten some great discounts on Body Shop and American Apparel merchandise). But I'd never seen an offer for Off-Broadway theater tickets until today. You can purchase $21 tickets to Treasure Island, starring Tom Hewitt at the Irondale Center in Brooklyn, which was also home to Sarah Ruhl's Passion Play and the Civilians' In the Footprint: The Battle Over Atlantic Yards.

Any time I can see a play without leaving Brooklyn, I'm happy, but this deal also includes a Rum Punch at the Smoke Joint, a barbecue place en route from the subway to the theater. However, I'm not sure how successful the promotion has been so far. As of 4 p.m. today, 37 tickets have been sold. The offer will be available through the weekend, so it will be interesting to see what the final total amounts to.

UPDATE: The final numbers are in: 73 tickets were sold. At $21 to $26 each, this isn't exactly a financial windfall — the total would be between $1,533 and $1,898 — but for at the Off-Broadway level, it's not an insubstantial amount either.