Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Minor Break

Tracee Chimo and David Duchovny in The Break of Noon

Someday I hope to have as transformative an experience at a Neil LaBute play as I did when I saw The Mercy Seat with Sigourney Weaver and Liev Schreiber. It was the day after a snowy Christmas back in 2002 (I had to look up the year or I would have sworn it was closer to 2005), and it remains my favorite post-9/11 play.

Not to sound like a Grinch as we embark on the holiday season, but I wasn't in a very merry mood after seeing David Duchovny in LaBute's current offering, The Break of Noon, which has little to recommend it beyond a memorable closing monologue and rising star Tracee Chimo, who was part of Circle Mirror Transformation's stellar quartet a year ago.