Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NEWS Zoo Revue

Rory O"Malley, Christine Pedi, Christina Bianco and Michael West in NEWSical.

If Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert decided to sing their way through an episode or two of their politically charged TV shows, the result might sound something like the Off-Broadway revue NEWSical the Musical, albeit with a battery that's been partially drained.

When I caught Last Cargo Cult, the new Mike Daisey monologue, I was glad to see him performing in an actual theater for the first time in three shows, instead of at Joe's Pub. His verbal wordplay is too clever and finely honed to be lost amid the inevitable bustle of a cabaret room. NEWSical, however, would likely be enhanced in such an atmosphere – and slight inebriation could only add to an audience's enjoyment.

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