Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Great Things From Gina

Gina Gionfriddo

Not only did I have an enjoyable conversation with rising-star-scribe Gina Gionfriddo about her disturbing and provocative new play Becky Shaw for Time Out New York, I felt as if I'd found a kindred spirit who shared my interest in true-crime TV.

When I saw a preview of Becky Shaw a couple of nights later, I was pleasantly amused to see that in the opening scene, as a character sits on hotel bed watching the Court TV series Forensic Files, they used sound from an actual episode. Having seen nearly every episode of that show, I recognized the voice of narrator Peter Thomas immediately.

Gionfriddo's also a longtime Law & Order writer, and as a longtime fan of that fictional-crime franchise, I must confess I thought the business card she handed me with the show's logo on it was quite cool. You can also read about her in this New York Times profile.

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