Monday, December 22, 2008

404: Not Found

Ah, what a pain it is to get an error code when you're so diligently searching for an important web page. That's why I think fantasy author Patricia Briggs deserves a shout-out for making me smile rather than scowl today when I encountered this little gem of an error message on her site:

"Alas, the page you requested,'/books/nextbooks.shtml', appears to be missing.

Since I'm sure you didn't take it, we are at an impasse. Why don't you check your spelling, and retry the link. If it still doesn't work, then obviously some gremlin has broken my web site. Please drop me a line, and I'll have my local computer nerd fix it!

Best Wishes,
Patty Briggs"

If only my tech-service queries with Dell could be half as amusing ... or even literate!

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