Monday, July 21, 2008

At Least the Music's Good ...

Did you know that the IRS does not forward your economic stimulus check? If the address on it is old, it goes back to them. I learned that the hard way last week, when I realized I still hadn't received my $600 check. And get this -- when I tried to transfer to an operator to give them my new address, I couldn't even get on hold! It took a few more calls before I even got to that stage, and when I finally did, it took me an hour before I was at last transferred to a live person.

Fortunately, during the wait, I managed to get some editing and proofreading done thanks in no small part to the IRS's hold music: Mozart, Tchaikovsky and other classical composers rather than bland Muzak. At least there's one thing that the federal government is doing right.

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