Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fallen Idol

Before most of the critics even had time to file their reviews Idol: The Musical is history. I can't say that I had much hope for a play about a bunch of Clay Aiken fanatics — and it's not a good sign when a show replaces its entire cast two weeks before opening night, which this one did — but it's so rare for anything to close on opening night these days that the news certainly took me by surprise.

Of the few reviews I saw, Michael Sommers' venom-spewing rant in the Star-Ledger is my favorite. His best line: "The pathetic little off-off-Broadway musical that opened yesterday at the 45th Street Theatre will soon perish of its own wretchedness without any help from the critics."

Me-ow! Too bad he wasn't around half a century ago to be a diaolgue writer for Bette Davis.

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