Monday, June 25, 2007

"Give It Up for Relish!"

That was the quote of the weekend, and I heard it Sunday night at a Brooklyn Cyclones. baseball game. I've only been to one other game, and I think that was four summers ago, so I'd forgotten the many cutsie (or cheesy, depending on your point of view) promotions and contests they hauled out between innings to keep fans engrossed.

Without a doubt the piece de resistance is the Hot Dog Race, in which Ketchup, Mustard and Relish leg it down the third base line amid cheers from the crowd. Essentially, it's three people in hot dogs suits with different colored capes to delineate their condiment. So utterly ridiculous that I absolutely loved it, especially when Relish won and the announcer, with complete deadpan seriousness, boomed, "Give it up for Relish!"

This little gem of a journal is fiction, but I think "Diary of a Brooklyn Cyclones Hot Dog" captures the tone and absurdity quite nicely.

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